Tanzania 2017 (part I): Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park, Tanzania:

Mt. Meru inside Arusha National Park

Mt. Meru inside Arusha National Park

In December 2017, I fulfilled myself a childhood dream and went on a 12-day-safari in northern Tanzania.

I reached Tanzania with KLM via tiny and easy-going Kilimanjaro International Airport. My first stop was the mid-sized city of Arusha, which is something of the country’s safari-capital. Before my safari started, I took a walk through the city centre and visited the few sights. Since it was sunday, most shops were closed and the town had a relaxed feeling. Luckily, I was also not hassled by hawkers which are supposedly quite abundant. The most interesting place in Arusha is the Natural History Museum, which is housed in the town’s oldest building, a fort constructed in 1900 by German colonialists (the so-called Boma). In contrast, the Arusha Declaration Museum might be only interesting to serious history buffs!

On the following day, I explored Arusha National Park which encompasses the 4,562-m-high Mt. Meru and the surrounding forest and savannah. The park cannot boast with the most spectacular wildlife, but the scenery is beautiful and varied. I went on a 2-hour guided walk (which I must admit was rather boring) and on a very nice game drive to the so-called “Small Serengeti”, the Momella Lakes, and the rim of the Ngurdoto Crater.

I really enjoyed the wonderful landscape and fresh mountain air. My highlight of the game drive was a group of black-and-white colobus monkeys (Mantled Guereza), which we could observe for some time in tree tops near the Ngurdoto Crater. Following on this great start of my trip, my next stop was Tarangire National Park – check out the coming post!

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    • haha… I hope you can go… maybe you can climb mt. meru? otherwise check out my post on the Serengeti – that was really my favourite part of the whole trip! 😊😊

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