Mexico 2018 (part II): La Joya Honda & Hacienda Peotillos

La Joya Honda & Hacienda Peotillos, Mexico:

at the Hacienda Peotillos

at the Hacienda Peotillos

During a mid-conference excursion, we traveled approximately 40 km northeast of San Luis Potosi to visit the ancient volcanic crater La Joya Honda and the beautiful Hacienda Peotillos.

The volcano of La Joya Honda has long been inactive, but its crater is a wonderful sight! I especially liked the large number of cactus species dotting the entire countryside. After a pleasant walk along the crater rim, we continued a few kilometres further to the old Hacienda Peotillos. Although its buildings are in desperate need of renovation, the entire scene created a nice backdrop for a picnic.

After some more days of work in San Luis Potosi, I joined a few colleagues and traveled a bit further north into the famous Sierra de Catorce.

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