Argentina 2018 (part V): La Plata

La Plata, Argentina:

Catedral de la Plata

Catedral de la Plata

After I finished my work around Zapala and in Rosario, I hopped on the bus to Buenos Aires from where I visited nearby La Plata for half a day.

La Plata lies approximately 60 km southeast of Buenos Aires and both cities are conveniently well connected with local trains. Compared to its bigger brother, La Plata has a very relaxed small-town feeling to it (check out satellite pictures to see the amazing geometry of the city plan). Nevertheless, it boasts some great architectural sights including one of the biggest churches of South America, the Catedral de la Plata. Another must-see is the Museo de La Plata which houses excellent collections on palaeontology, zoology, anthropology, and archaeology. I particularly enjoyed seeing the huge skeletons of giant ground sloths and armadillos which roamed the South American countryside just a couple of thousand years ago!

After visiting La Plata, my time in Argentina was finally over and I had to travel home to Germany.

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