Argentina 2018 (part IV): Rosario

Rosario, Argentina:

Monumento Nacional a La Bandera

Monumento Nacional a La Bandera

After my work in Zapala was completed, I traveled to Rosario together with my colleague and continued my research there.

Rosario is a city with more than 1 million inhabitants situated approximately 300 km northwest of Buenos Aires along the Paraná River. It has an important place in the country’s history as the birthplace of the flag of Argentina, Che Guevara, and Lionel Messi! Apart from all this historic importance, I felt that Rosario had a very relaxed atmosphere with boulevards inviting visitors for a stroll. In addition, the Parque Independencia offered some opportunities for bird watching!

I had a good time in Rosario despite the scorching heat and merciless sun. Eventually, I took a bus to Buenos Aires where I had the chance to visit nearby La Plata for half a day, before I began the long journey home to Germany.

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