Germany 2018: Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main, Hesse:

skyscrapers of Frankfurt along the Main River

skyscrapers of Frankfurt along the Main River

A short work trip in April brought me to Germany’s business capital: Frankfurt am Main.

Frankfurt am Main is the fifth-largest city in Germany and characterized by an interesting mix of medieval old town and modern skyscrapers of the business district. It is the only city in the country, which boasts something of a skyline – even though hardly comparable to any other megacity in the world! I got a good overview of Frankfurt from its cathedral which I climbed together with a good friend. Apart from the beautiful architecture along the Main River, the city has a number of interesting museums of which I visited the Senckenberg Natural History Museum and the Städel Museum with its impressive art collection.

Only a week after my visit to Frankfurt, I had the chance to discover another German city: Erfurt – check out the coming post!

4 responses to “Germany 2018: Frankfurt am Main

  1. Great photos! I accidentally visited Frankfurt during the Ironman Triathalon, so it was difficult to take good photos of the historic buildings with all the race set-up in the way!

  2. I so enjoyed this visit to Frankfurt, Matthias, thank you. You’re right, it is an interesting combination of modern and old. The Main River nearby adds to the city’s beauty; I liked being up high in the Cathedral with the overview, and also enjoyed the exhibits. Love that swift fossil. Smiled at the “funny expressions.”

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