Germany 2018: Erfurt

Erfurt, Thuringia:

Merchants' Bridge seen from Ägidienkirche

Merchants’ Bridge seen from Ägidienkirche

In the second half of April, I had the chance to go on a walk through beautiful Erfurt.

Erfurt is the capital of the state of Thuringia and was a real surprise to me with its magnificent historic city centre. Dozens of old churches dot its streets and narrow alleys, but Erfurt Cathedral and neighbouring St Severus Church are certainly the most majestic. Another great sight is the Merchants’ Bridge, which was part of the famous Via Regia connecting Rome to the Baltic Sea and Moscow with Spain during the Middle Ages. It is also one of the few bridges in Europe with houses on top (some continuously inhabited since more than 500 years!).

I really enjoyed my afternoon stroll in Erfurt before hopping back on the train and returning home to northern Germany.

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