Germany 2018: Tönning

Tönning, Schleswig-Holstein:

at the harbour in Tönning

at the harbour in Tönning

At the beginning of May, I joined a friend on a day trip to Tönning in western Schleswig-Holstein.

Tönning is a small town with about 5,000 inhabitants situated along the Eider River, approximately 8 km away from the North Sea. Although it is a rather sleepy place nowadays, it was an important trading post throughout the 19th century. This was due to its strategic position along the Eider Canal connecting the Baltic Sea with the North Sea. Several historic buildings still remind visitors of this time, for example the impressive Packhaus built in 1783 and used as a storehouse. After the completion of the Kiel Canal, Tönning lost its importance in trade and subsequently tourism became the most important economy. Since its opening in 2000, one of the biggest sights is the Multimar Wattforum serving as an information center for the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park.

Once finished with our walk through Tönning, we continued the trip with bird watching at the nearby Katinger Watt.

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