A weekend in Bremen, Germany (08/2018)

town hall and cathedral at the central square of Bremen

town hall and cathedral at the central square of Bremen

I spent the first weekend of August in the pretty town of Bremen in northern Germany.

Even though I always imagined Bremen to be a very beautiful city, I had never traveled there before. I finally decided to go, because the local art museum had a special exhibition with contributions of a good friend of mine. Luckily, the weather in early August was spectacular and I enjoyed walking through the old city centre with its historic buildings. In addition to the ancient town hall (early 15th century AD) and the impressive cathedral (construction started in the 11th century AD), I visited the vast collections of the Overseas Museum.

As you can imagine, I had a lot of fun visiting Bremen and its beautiful monuments (the marketplace is a UNESCO world heritage site) – especially since the weather was so spectacular!

4 responses to “A weekend in Bremen, Germany (08/2018)

  1. Thanks so much, Matthias, for this visit to Bremen. I enjoyed each photo and appreciated the captions. The architecture alone is astounding–loved seeing the incredible details, too. Wonderful sculptures, city scenes, central park, art exhibits and the windmill. My favorites: Alexander von Humboldt sailing ship, Am Wall windmills, all the Weser River photos, Picasso/vanGogh/Vogeler paintings. Thank you for this tour.

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