Mountains and monasteries between Nako and Kaza, India (09/2018)

confluence of the Pin and Spiti rivers

confluence of the Pin and Spiti rivers

After entering the impressive Spiti Valley on the previous day, we continued our journey through the majestic Indian Himalayas all the way to Kaza.

The night in tiny Nako was cold and windy – not surprisingly at an altitude of 3600 m! Just as I had done last evening, I placed my GoPro camera on the balcony of our hotel room and took a time lapse video capturing the scenery of the village.

After breakfast, we had enough time to walk around the holy Nako Lake before traveling further north along the Spiti River. Our first stop was the tiny Gue Monastery, which can be reached via a short detour from the main road and hosts the mummy of a Buddhist monk believed to be several hundred years old! Not a lot had changed here since my last visit in 2016. Around lunch time, we reached Tabo where we visited the world-famous monastery founded in 996 and containing some of the most important Buddhist wall paintings in the entire Himalayas. Unfortunately, photography inside the ancient mudbrick buildings is not allowed. Later in the afternoon, we passed the extremely picturesque Dhankar Monastery perched on top of a cliff high above the confluence of the Pin and Spiti rivers.

Finally, we reached our destination: Kaza, the administrative center of the Spiti Valley. This small town with about 3,000 inhabitants was our base for the coming days, during which we conducted field work in the surrounding mountains.

2 responses to “Mountains and monasteries between Nako and Kaza, India (09/2018)

  1. The photos are beautiful. Mickey wants to go to India. One day we will go there. thanks for the insights. It looks like the place we would love to explore. very peaceful.

    • I think the Spiti Valley is extremely beautiful, not very difficult to reach, and so far not overcrowded by tourists! I would definitely give it a try!! 🙂

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