Honoring Horus at the Temple of Edfu, Egypt (10/2018)

Temple of Edfu

Temple of Edfu

After visiting the Temple of Kom Ombo on the previous evening, our cruise ship continued to travel the Nile River north to Edfu.

Edfu is a small town on the western shore of the Nile River, which contains an impressive and very well preserved temple dedicated to the falcon god Horus. The construction of the temple started in the year 237 BC and continued for more than one hundred years until it was finally completed. Its size and especially the marvellous carvings on the walls as well as the fantastic columns are truly impressive.

Following our visit to Edfu, the cruise continued towards Esna.

2 responses to “Honoring Horus at the Temple of Edfu, Egypt (10/2018)

  1. I am always transported on these trips of yours, Matthias, to exotic and fascinating places. I thoroughly enjoyed this visit to the Edfu temple, and the video was fantastic. The temple is gigantic, and your photos did a good job of displaying this. The carvings and columns, the stairway — easy to see how it would take 100 years to complete this. I appreciated the map, and most of all loved seeing close-ups of the carvings. So many beautiful falcons, sailboat, cattle, expressions of the time. Thank you so much.

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