India 2016 (part XXXV): Sarahan-Nako

Sarahan-Nako, Himachal Pradesh:

Bhimakali Temple in Sarahan

Bhimakali Temple in Sarahan

The second day of our fantastic road trip through Himachal Pradesh brought us from Sarahan to Nako.


Because we had arrived in Sarahan (~2300 m) only after sunset, we had not seen anything of the village yet. In the morning, clouds drifted low above the trees enshrouding the surrounding mountain tops. We went on a small walk to the famous Bhimakali Temple, built in the typical architecture of the Kinnaur District.

After breakfast, we left Sarahan and started our 185-km-long drive to Nako (~3600 m). While the vegetation was still green and lush at the beginning, with higher altitude the scenery became more barren. In the afternoon, we passed the Kinnaur Kailash, a 6050 m high sacred mountain. Only a few kilometres from the disputed border with China, we reached the place where the Spiti River flows into the Sutlej. Due to the proximity of the border area, photography was not allowed, but the scenery in the narrow gorge was dramatic. The Spiti Valley widened again just before we reached Nako in the late afternoon (click here for a video of the journey).

We enjoyed the calm atmosphere in tiny Nako with the many colourful prayer flags flapping in the wind. On the next day, we would continue our drive into the Spiti Valley towards Tabo, but you will have to wait until the next post to read about that.

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