India 2016 (part XXXVI): Nako-Tabo

Nako-Tabo, Himachal Pradesh:

reflections in Nako Lake

reflections in Nako Lake

On the third day of our road trip through Himachal Pradesh, we had to drive only 65 km to reach the tiny village of Tabo (~3300 m). After our long drive from Sarahan to Nako on the previous day, we were happy that we did not have to sit in the car for too long.


Before our departure, we visited the sacred Nako Lake bordering the village and showing beautiful reflections. The mountain scenery on our drive along the Spiti River was spectacular to say the least: The stark beauty of the dry, rugged landscape was truly impressive! The narrow road winding its way along the valley is counted among the world’s most treacherous due to common rock falls and the steep cliffs. Even though we saw a number of falling rocks, we were lucky and nothing happened to us. About half-way to Tabo, we took a detour to the tiny Gue Monastery which houses a 550-year-old, mummified monk. Finally, once we arrived at our destination, we visited the famous Tabo Monastery. Founded in 996, it is one of the oldest Buddhist institutions in the Himalayas and contains very famous wall paintings in a number of mudbrick buildings.

On the following day, we would finally reach our destination: Kaza, the major town in the Spiti Valley, from where we would conduct our field work in the surrounding mountains.

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