Namibia 2007 (part X): Quiver Tree Forest

Quiver Tree Forest, Namibia:

Quiver Tree Forest

Quiver Tree Forest

We left the Fish River Canyon behind and travelled north to Keetmanshoop.

The Quiver Tree Forest is a national monument located ca. 14 km outside of Keetmanshoop. It consists of around 250 individuals of the peculiar plant species Aloe dichotoma. At first glance, the trees look as if they were turned upside-down and extending their roots towards the sky. They can grow up to 9 m in height and the bigger specimens are two to three hundred years old. Traditionally, humans living in the semi-desert region used hollowed-out branches as quivers for their arrows. We enjoyed a walk through the area and also spotted a good number of wildlife along the roads as you can see in the following gallery.

Very close to the Quiver Tree Forest lies another sight well worth exploring: the Giant’s Playground – check out the following post!

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