Argentina 2018 (part III): Zapala & surroundings

Zapala, Argentina:

thunderstorm in the steppe near Zapala

thunderstorm in the steppe near Zapala

An overnight bus brought me from Buenos Aires all the way to Zapala in the province of Neuquén from where I would do field work in the coming weeks.

Zapala is a small town with a couple of hotels, restaurants, and small museums which serves as a good base to explore the surrounding countryside. I did work in Zapala itself for a couple of days, but much more fascinating was the time I spent camping in the vast, empty countryside north of Chos Malal. Research also brought me to the beautiful Laguna Blanca National Park south of Zapala. I would definitely recommend visiting this fantastic region yourself and experience the inconceivable vastness of the landscape – just beware of black widow spiders!

I had heard and read about the pampa or steppe of Argentina, but nothing prepared me for its extent, secludedness, and stark beauty – truly a place one has to see!

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